We believe the heart of healthcare is service

Since its inception Victoria Healthcare Ltd. has been dedicated to creating added value through its partnerships with principals, customers, and associates in order to deliver the highest quality products and services to our clients.

Specialized Drugs available


Massive Stock Inventory


Centrally located at the Tuff Foam Mall in Kisumu


Good Distribution Practices

Victoria Healthcare Limited is your partner of choice for distribution, wholesale and supply of pharmaceutical, surgical & healthcare products.

Our company works in tandem with pharmacists, chemists, hospitals and medical professionals to provide best in class pharmaceutical products for it consumers. With over 35 years industry experience to draw upon, we are able to deliver the highest quality standards while remaining competitive in today’s market.

Pharmaceutical Distribution

It’s not just a package. It’s a patient. Rely on our accurate, safe and speedy drug distribution services to build a better patient experience.

Medical Supplies & Equipment

Find the quality wholesale supplies and equipment you need for your high-performing lab, physician practice or post-acute care setting. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Medical Envelopes

Medical Envelopes bundled in 1000pcs.